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Aluminum standing seam metal roof cost


Pure Aluminum (Al) is chemical element of the 13th group of the periodic table, light paramagnetic metal of silver-white color. It is one of the most common metals on our planet. It demonstrates high conductivity of heat and electricity and it is very bendable. Due to the rapid formation of an oxide film on its surface, it does not corrode.

As a simple substance, aluminum does not possess satisfactory mechanical characteristics for use in construction. In order for it to obtain sufficient hardness while retaining other positive properties (formability, conductivity, resistance to corrosion), it is alloyed with other metals. Most often it is magnesium, copper, silicon or zinc.

Now as for aluminum standing seam, it will be the most suitable solution if the design features of the building are not enough to hold massive roofing, or there is a need to reduce the load on the supporting structures. The standing seam system boasts exclusive durability of attachment. The sheets are secured by an internal seam. This technology does not require drilling holes in the roofing material. That is how maximum sealing effect of the roof is achieved.

Installation peculiarities

For installation one must use special aluminum standing seam tools and special equipment.

The process of covering the roof is carried out either by gradual lifting of each sheet or using roll forming machines that are often brought directly on site.

Because standing seam aluminum roof is considerably smooth, it is highly advisable to install additional snow guards, which will prevent the snow from avalanching down the roof. Such snow stoppers are made of the same material as the roof.


Aluminum standing seam metal roof cost
Aluminum standing seam metal roof cost

Aluminum standing seam panels can be made of any desired length. The panels are usually covered with protecting layer. As a rule, the panels are made in the form of a roll with a ribbed contour to enhance the durability. A uniquely designed fastening mechanism guarantees a secure attachment.

On the downsides, aluminum, even when it is alloyed with other strong metals, is extremely fragile. That means wind, physical impact can significally damage a metal sheet. So, one has to be very considerate when opting for aluminum roof. With that said, it is easy to understand why aluminum standing seam roofs are so seldom installed. Such system should satisfy weather, climate and environment conditions.


Aluminum standing seam roof installation
Aluminum standing seam roof installation

The cost of aluminum standing seam roof is higher than that for the hot zinc coated steel system. Prices start at around $5.00-6.00 per square foot of aluminum standing seam panels fabricated and cut plus $8.00-10.00 per square foot of installation cost.

Aluminum standing seam roofing system

Aluminum standing seam is suitable for rounded, curved, corrugated roofs, roofs merging into facade. Also, aluminum is often used for detached private commercial facilities (pharmacies, shops, restaurants, cafes, clinics) as well as for private houses. Aluminum roof is a solid investment for centuries once it is installed in the proper climate and in the right environment.

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