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Metal roofing cost in Toronto, Canada.

A lot of property owners are researching the question of metal roofing cost in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, if you want to know the full cost, it is not enough to merely input the square footage. We will discuss the subtleties below.

What is metal roofing?

A metal roof is a part of building envelope made from metal profiles or tiles with strong characteristics of high resistance, waterproofing capacity and longevity. Besides that metal roofing is equally suitable and efficient for commercial structures and for residential properties. Let’s dwell on the most common uses.

Metal roofs on commercial structures

The reason metal roof finds its application on commercial properties is because of its outstanding ability to resist water and wind. Additionally such roof demands hardly any maintenance. When considering this or that type of metal roofing, clients should take into account many factors: weather peculiarities, how the building is structured, the roof pitch, and at last but not least – the provincial code requirements.

You can consult Roof Experts on all these issues. Zinc, copper and steel alloys make up the essence of the metal roof. Accurately installed metal roof with right amount of Zinc (G90 or 275 g/sq.m.) will never rust, mould, insect infestation or burn, and will last for decades on. Roof Experts can offer you metal roof for either the commercial or industrial property and make sure it suits your budget, design, style and neighborhood.

For now, you can look around for various examples of metal roofs applications, such as office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, farm land, multifamily housing buildings, warehouses, garages, transportation buildings.

Metal roofs on residential structures

Many homeowners choose metal roofing and not for nothing. It stands to reason that initial investment in quality roofing will eventually save money for years to come. There might be cracks or turnips in the old or damaged shingle roof.

These leads to letting cold and moisture pass through the ceiling and right into your rooms. Accurately installed metal roof will guarantee good ventilation which means cool pleasant air during summer days and warm coziness during the winter frosts. Aside from an efficient and stable roofing system, in addition you get an exquisite homey aesthetic.

Material options

There are a few options available when considering metal roof. You can choose any type of material depending on your budget, weather conditions and taste.


Aluminum roof suits best areas with sea air due to its resistance to salt corrosion. Its painted options and variety of different shapes is also on the plus side. However, aluminum roof is far less durable and unreasonably expensive when compared other metal roof options available on the market.


Tin roof is usually good for barns and agricultural buildings. It is made up of several kinds of soft metals and is covered by protective layer. When appropriately installed and regularly maintained, such roof can run for many decades. Yes, it is all about maintenance. When you stop painting the tin roof every year, it becomes dramatically affected by the weather. So, if you are thinking about tin roof, bear in mind costs on regular maintenance.


Copper roofing has been used on houses for centuries. Copper life’s span is superior to other metal solution; it is extremely long-lasting, in fact, when in suitable conditions it can serve for over two hundred years. Over 8-15-year time patina (thin layer produced by oxidation through age and exposure) is formed on copper. The patina creates a barrier against corrosive elements and is part of the reason why copper’s lifespan is so long.

Also, many people choose not to prepaint or paint copper and allow copper to weather naturally, which gives a noble peculiarity to the metal. On the downside is extremely high price. True also, you get a unique outstanding aesthetic and quality for the money. It is more typical to spot copper used on accent areas of the roof, for example on dormer or steeple. When thinking about disadvantages of copper it is worthwhile noting that copper is very soft and can be damaged by heavy rain or hail. This however can be controlled with proper panels and installation.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel is made up with the special Zinc covering. This coating creates a barrier against the corrosion and other types of damage. This is the range of application combined with sensible price that makes galvanized steel one of popular options for residential, agricultural, industrial, commercial structures. What is more, galvanized steel frequently boasts lower price than alternative solutions (for example, pure zinc, aluminum or noble pricey copper). Roof Experts use only hot Zinc coated steels with the standard amount of Zinc for outside construction: G90 or 275 g/sq.m.

Types of metal roofing profiles for homes

There is virtually endless amount of options for any taste or sophistication level. Any solution you fix your eyes on is sure to complement your home. You can decide on traditional standing seam look or opt for the classical tile look or give your roof a more rustic corrugated style.


Corrugated metal roof is energy-saving rock-hard solution for residential buildings, cabins, barns and commercial buildings. This system is made up of corrugated metal profiles that are locked with the help of exposed fasteners.

Corrugated and ribbed metal panels comprise sheets made of galvanized steel. However this can just as well be sheets from either aluminum or stainless-steel. The sheets are shaped in such way that waves pattern is evident. Afterwards they are corrugated. Once such system is installed it will always help the accumulated snow or water mass easily slide down the roof.


As the name of the system suggests, the profiles are installed in such manner that seams are practically invisible. They are called “Standing Seam” because they are arranged straight up the roof and their apparent observable attribute is the elevated interlocking seam which attaches one panel to another and thus makes the whole connection look seamless.

Metal Roof Tile

Metal tiles can be referred to metal sheets. They comprise building envelope and are characterized by high resistance and durability.

Used onPrice rangeWarrantyLife spanWeather-resistanceFire resistance
homes, commercial and retail buildings$6-7 / sq.f. (material + labour cost)50 years70140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
standing seam

Roof Experts work with two kinds of standing seams – the Snap Lock Standing Seam and the Classic Standing Seam. Both types are extremely long lasting and reliable.

Used onPrice rangeWarrantyLife spanWeather-resistanceFire resistance
for residential and commercial roofs that require architectural (requiring a roof deck) and structural (requiring a suitable roof frame only) profiles$10-20 / sq.f. (material + labour cost). The price depends on the type of metal and on roof design.50 years70-100140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
Snow guards

Aside this Roof Experts offer Snow guards for standing seam roofs and other metal roof profiles: metal tiles, straight rib panels and etc. Snow guards are metal devices fixed along the perimeter of your roof and are meant for stopping loads of snow and thus letting it melt before hitting the ground.

Flat roof

Flat roofs are roofs that have less than 10° slope. The reason they are not completely level is to allow the rainwater flow. This type of roof is widespread in multi-storey residential buildings, industrial and warehouse buildings, and public facilities.

Metal Siding / Metal Cladding / Metal Facades

Metal façade is a kind of outer metal cladding. Essentially it is protective exterior covering of structure surfaces. Metal is a perfectly even and austere facing material ideal for cladding office and community buildings, shopping centers, bus stops, etc.

Comparison of different roof types

Used onPrice rangeWarrantyLife spanWeather-resistanceFire resistance
Metal tileshomes, commercial and retail buildings$5-6 / sq.f. (material + labour cost)50 years70140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
Standing seamfor residential and commercial roofs that require architectural (requiring a roof deck) and structural (requiring a suitable roof frame only) profiles$10-20 / sq.f. (material + labour cost). The price depends on the type of metal and on roof design.50 years70-100140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
Corrugated metal roofAgricultural buildings mostly$4-6/sq.f. (material + labour cost)50 years70140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
Asphalt bitumen shinglesResidential, Commercial buildings$310-15 years40-60mph.Asphalt shingles can withstand one hour in a fire before catching

Why metal roofing?

There are two most popular and at the same time traditional types of steel roofs: metal tile and standing seam profiles. Both types appear lightweight. Metal tile is easily installed to the lumber right onto an existing shingles roof. Regardless which one of two you decide on, this solution will improve the look of the house and increase the property’s insulating capability.

Indeed, metal roofs demonstrate outstanding insulating abilities. A light-colored metal roof reflects the sun preventing the house from overheating. This means your house will be cooler in summer and no warmth will through the roof in winter. Now that will dramatically decrease heating and cooling bills. You also be pleased to know majority of property insurance companies offer generous discounts of almost half a price once they know that a property has metal roof. We also recommend using the best pressure washers for cleaning the roof.

Metal roofing pros and cons


  • Longer life span : Metal roofs boasts exceedingly long life expectancy – 50 to 90 years. At the same time traditional asphalt shingles last only 10 years in general.
  • Endurance : Metal roofs demonstrate strong resistance to wind and water, as well as extreme weather conditions.
  • Not combustible : The roof will not ignite or spread the fire. That is why many insurance companies give a substantial discount once they know the property has a metal roof.
  • Energy efficient solution : Metal roofs reflect sun energy and does not let your house overheat.
  • Environmentally-safe : Metal roofs are often made up from recycled material and thus they are fully recyclable. At the same time make a large contribution to the waste accumulating in landfills – up to hundreds of tons per year.


  • Price : Metal tile roof can cost twice as much asphalt shingles. However, when you come to think about the overall life cycle you will realize that this investment ultimately means saving the difference and much more than the difference. Look at it from a timely perspective: decades without renovating or replacing the roof.
  • Hypothetical noise against the roof : Metal roofs make it half a decibel rain sound louder as compared to shingles. For most people the difference is inconsiderable and there have been to complaints from our clients.

Metal roofing prices

There is a number of factors which influence the final price of the metal roof:

  • What kind of the customer favors (whether it is metal tile, or traditional standing seam or perhaps a snap lock standing seam)
  • Labor cost deepens on how difficult the roof is
  • Shape of the roof influences to how much of the trim the roof requires

Out of all options, the standing seam metal roof has the highest cost. The thing is that such roof is difficult to install, thus more needed and therefore the final price increases.

The ultimate overall price range for installed standing seam roof fluctuates between $8 and up to $20 per square foot. The average price for installed metal tile roof is $6 per square foot.

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