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Bronze standing seam metal roof

Below you will everything about bronze standing seam metal roof. Bronze refers more to the color, but in essence it is still copper alloy.

Copper is an inert metal that does not undergo oxidative reactions, so it does not corrode. The bronze roof has a light weight, resistance to temperature transformations, to precipitation and other negative external factors. The life of the bronze roof is 100-200 years, but there are examples when it served much longer. The bronze standing seam system is comprised out of rolled copper sheets.

There are the following types of copper:

  • Oxidized : It is a metal that, by means of special compositions, is oxidized to produce a reddish hue. Under natural conditions, copper is oxidized in 5-7 years.
Oxidized copper standing seam roof
Oxidized copper standing seam roof
  • Patinated : Patina is a layer that covers copper and thus protects the metal from the upcoming oxidation. It gives the material a noble greenish hue. Copper is aged with special reagents. Otherwise copper is naturally oxidized to patinated state after 15 years of operation.
Patinated copper roof
Patinated copper roof
  • Tinned copper : This type of metal has a matte gray color explained by the tin coating. The price of tinned copper is higher than other varieties of this material.
Tinned coper standing seam façade.
Tinned coper standing seam façade.

It is worthwhile noting that experienced roofing masters recommend using patinated or tinned copper sheets for bronze standing seam. The reason behind this is that these types of material have undergone oxidation with reagents, and that is why they have an enormous service life. The price for such materials is higher by 20-30%.