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Residential metal roofing

A lot of our customers are particularly interested in residential metal roofing systems. True, among the variety of roofing products it is not easy to navigate and choose the best option so that the roof is energy efficient and cost effective and at the same time reliably protects and insulates the house, serves a considerable period of time and emphasizes the architectural concept of the house.

Today we will discuss the most popular metal roofing systems and roofing materials:

  • metal tiles
  • standing seam
  • roof safety accessories - snow guards
Residential metal roofing

The metal tile is essentially a profiled metal sheet (aluminum, copper, steel roofing options) with polymer coating (polyester, polyurethane, plastisol, acrylate), which performs protective and decorative functions. The look of the metal tile resembles ceramic tiles. It is produced in an extensive color scheme and texture design. Due to the low weight of the modules, the metal tile has a minimal load on the rafter system, walls and the foundation of the house, therefore, it can significantly reduce the cost of construction and simplify the installation of the roof. This material is long-lasting, eco-friendly and it will keep your heating and cooling costs at minimum.

The metal tiles systems often opposed to bitumen tile, also known as asphalt shingles. But the latter one is far less durable: in 5 years or so you will already have to consider major repair work or even roof replacement.  The plasticity of the tile, its ability to soften under the sun is not only a plus, but also a huge minus: in the heat any physical impact can damage the coating. Secondly, bitumen tiles is absolutely airtight material that is why without proper ventilation  it poses a threat of destroying the rafter system.

On top of that shingles has a shorter life – 10-15 years as opposed to 50 years of roofing warranties for metal tiles.

It is one of the most popular and aesthetically appealing roofing solutions. It is normally made of sheet metal and fastened by means of special lock connections. The sheets can be made galvanized steel, copper, aluminum and others. It is sold both in the form of ready for installation products, and in the form of sheet that will be cut on the job sites. The latter option is fairly rare in e due to the complexity and high cost of implementation.

The properties of the coating are characterized by durability, reliability, strength, excellent appearance, tight joints, the absence of visible fasteners, environmental friendliness and incombustibility. It is possible to apply for arrangement of roofs of any configuration. On the downside is only a slightly higher the cost of the labor.

Once you have a properly installed metal roof it is time to think about safety products secured on top of your existing roof. Snow retainer or snow stop is an additional element of the roof, preventing a sudden avalanche of snow masses. In other words, the material cuts through the large “caps” of snow and ice, protecting the landscape and people around the building. As roofing contractors that have extensive experience of professional installations of snow guards, we recommend tubular snow stoppers as they have proved the most efficient many times.

Snow guards for snap-lock standing seam metal roof

To sum it up, for residential properties we would suggest applying metal tiles or standing seam systems. These solutions have the most beautiful look combined with enhanced functionality. It is also important not to forget to have safety elements on the rooftop so that you do not have to worry about anything during any season of the year.

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