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Corrugated metal roofing

It is time to learn about corrugated metal roofing. In short it is type covering made of cold-bent steel sheet profiles with a wavy form. The corrugated sheet is mostly made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating, but can also be produced out of aluminum and stainless steel. The panels are fixed by exposed fasteners, which is both – the system’s strength and its weakness. On the plus side the drilling allows the installation to be quick and easy. On the other hand, each sheet requires approximately 20 screws to be secured properly. The holes for the screws reduce water-resistance of the roof and make the covering susceptible to leakage.

The system is simple and cost-effective. You can often see it in agricultural or construction areas: on industrial buildings, barns, commercial and pre-engineered structures.

Corrugated metal roof sheet
Corrugated metal roof sheet


Corrugated metal panels are grooved metal sheets which find their main application in roofing, cladding, and decking. They are robust, light weight, weather resistant and convenient.  This system is relatively easy and quick to install: the panels are held together by means of exposed fasteners. The longevity factor is largely influenced by the thickness of the panel and the type of coating used. It is clear that the thicker the sheet is, the more durable properties it will demonstrate. As for the coating, normally polyester or acrylic coatings are applied, but there are also options for ceramic and epoxy ones. It is really striking that these coatings can reflect heat and clean themselves thanks to nanotechnology.

Corrugated panels for roofs and walls
Corrugated panels for roofs and walls


The sheets are G-90 steel are normally brought to the job site in full length and then cut to the necessary form and size. Then the crew arranges and fixes them on top.  It is crucial to apply the appropriate screws, and waterproof washers to guarantee that a roof stays tightly sealed.


Pricing may vary depending on individual design needs of the client or on peculiarities of the roof. By and large, you can expect to pay $5-8 for the square foot of corrugated panel installation. You can contact us +16479977084 or fill in the form online to get the estimation for metal roof cost.

Corrugated sheets for metal facade
Corrugated sheets for metal facade

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