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Free metal roof price (cost) estimate calculator online per square foot

Free metal roof price estimate calculator online per square foot

You are exactly in the right place if want to get your metal roof price estimate. There is an easy procedure for this:

  • Our preliminary estimation after we receive a filled in form from you.
  • Your own estimation using our calculator.
  • On-site estimation from our specialist.

Free roof estimate

At whichever stage you are, you will need to fill in the form below in order to get free roof estimate. It works for any numbers you need to run: metal roof estimate per square foot, roof job estimate or if you are considering re-roof project. It is easy as that: after we receive your form, we check your property’s roof dimensions using the Google Earth and get back to you with the preliminary estimation.

Then we arrange time convenient for you and Roof Experts’ specialist comes to your place and check all the required measurements on site. Usually our preliminary estimation is 95% accurate, nut if it is necessary the specialist will update the quote as well as discuss various samples of metal and profiles with you, will explain the pros and cons of the metal roof, and will answer all your possible questions.

Free roof estimate

Metal roof estimate cost per square foot

In a nutshell, a property owner can anticipate the final cost of metal tile roof is $7-8 per square foot (including installation costs). Cost of standing seam roof starts from $10-12 per square foot. But let’s not rush into conclusions: each customer’s house requires customer-specific solution. That is why the overall price depends on individual project for your house. Essentially, the price is based two pillars:

  • Price of the chosen material (metal, profile).
  • Price of the labor. The higher the difficulty of the roof, the more man-hours are needed.

Metal tiles

Metal tile roof
Metal tile roof

Standing seam

Standing seam roof
Standing seam roof

Snow guards

Snow guards
Snow guards

To estimate the cost of snow retention devices for your roof, you have to use a snow guard estimate calculator online.

Metal roof estimate calculator online

Additionally, you can use roof estimate calculator online. This will help you to assess the scope of work and the volume of cost. Using the hints below you will need to input your house dimensions, select the roof pitch, roof difficulty and the type of profile. The calculator will give approximate total roofing cost, including the cost of materials, work, and the warranty.

    House Base Area in square feet

    Roof Pitch

    Type of the profile

    Type of roof

    Amount of skylights

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