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Portable standing seam roll forming machines for sale

Professional roofers in Ontario know that installation of the standing seam panels is an incredibly specific process that requires specialized knowledge and accuracy. The article describes a key equipment of such installation work – new tech standing seam metal roof machine.  It should be said that the installers can also resort to mechanical devices as opposed to the automated approach; however, the use of the latter is preferable, since it allows achieving high quality seams within considerably less time.

What is roll forming machine?

In a nut shell, it is equipment which bends a large piece of metal sheet into a needed cross-section profile. Other than roll forming, these machines carry out a number of metalworking jobs, including particular cutting and roll punching. Such machinery does it with little or no waste and requires zero manual editing of the end-product.

How roll forming machines work?

There are computer-based and manually adjusted on-site roll formers. The roll form line with PLC control (programmable logic controller) is intended for serial production manufacturers. PLC allows configuring the speed, number and length of panels. The automatic machine will replace about 5 roofers while maintaining productivity. On the other hand, manually adjusted equipment tends to be more versatile in its ability to be easily transported around and adjusting it to manufacturing of different types of panel profiles.

The material (in the form of separate sheet or fed from the coil) is placed into the slot and pushed further towards the rollers. It is the rollers that do all the job and that shape the final properties of the profile. There are gauging rollers that give the material needed thicknesses or stiffness; there are optional additional rollers for semi round or trapezoidal ribs, finally there exist composite rollers that form a damage-resistant polymer coating.

So, thanks to the rollers the machine presses and shapes metal at room temperature while the material goes through several stations.  Each group of rollers presses the steel a little more than the preceding station of rollers.

At the final stage the panel undergoes straightening, relieving the pressure and cutting according to predefined length. At the very end the product is manually moved aside.

Portable roll forming machine for mechanical standing seam profile
Portable roll forming machine for mechanical standing seam profile

How to operate roll forming machine?

The profiles can be arranged and manipulated using either manual spacer configuration or a telescopic shaft that can effortlessly be configured by a hand wheel system.

Standing seam machine can be enhanced with numerous options to punch and cut parts in an uninterrupted process. The lines can be switched to use precut blades or post cut blades.  Although the majority of portable roll forming machines are designed to simply cut the needed part to length, supplementary functions (such as hole punching or notching) may easily be added.

Roll forming machine for snap-lock standing seam profile
Roll forming machine for snap-lock standing seam profile

How to order?

We receive a large volume of requests and inquiries about standing seam machine for sale. If you also want to know more about portable roll forming machine, its specific and price, have a look at our what we have to offer. Do not hesitate to give us a call as well +16479977084.

Portable Standing Seam Panel Roll Forming Machine SFPR

Roof Roll Forming machine SFPR is a portable machine for production mechanical / classical lock standing seam panels.

Snap Lock Standing Seam Panel Roll Forming Machine

Roof Roll Forming machine SFPZ is created for easy manufacture of snap lock standing seam panels.

Standing Seam Panel Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming roofing machine designed for producing roofing standing seam panels with single or double mechanical lock.

Power Seamer for double lock standing seam profile.

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