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Metal roof panels

Roof-Experts offer first-class steel roofing structures that have unsurpassed quality and reliability. You can choose your option from our wide range of colors and styles. Whichever you decide on it is sure to compliment your home, regardless of its design: modern, traditional, country, or any other. Our metal roofing panels are divided into three categories: panels with a standing seam, panels with the effect of tile or metal tile and straight rib panels.

Types of metal roof panels

metal tiles

Metal tiles

Steel tiles from Roof Experts are made with the best manufacturing equipment to resist even the extreme weather conditions. On top of reliability metal tiles give a beautiful and stylish look to your property.

Standing seam

Standing Seam

Roof Experts manufacture and offer high-quality standing seam panels for various types and sizes of roofs. You can find reliable solution according to specific or project documentation requirements. You can rest your mind at ease about using standing seam panels on your house. It has been widely used for centuries and proved to be robust and noble at the same time. Sustainability, durability and respectability with enhanced water resistance place metal roofs in the category of the most popular roofing materials on the market.


Snow guards

Roof Experts have snow guards for sale and for on-site installation project. These snow retention devices prevent snow and ice from sliding down the roof. Our snow guards are suitable for any type of roof, no matter, whether it is made of metal, natural tile or bitumen.

Flat roof

Flat roofs

Roof Experts deal with metal roofs, metal siding as well as with full range of flat roofs: double-layered bitumen based (torched down) membrane, PVC, TPO and EPDM.

Metal siding

Metal Siding / Metal Cladding / Metal Facades

Roof experts features extensive range of metal cladding materials: standing seam steel panels, aluminum composite panels, perforated metal facades, wood, and composite siding. All these systems have far less weight than the wall structure. This attribute is critical for weak foundation buildings and load-bearing walls.

Metal siding / cladding / facade is exceptionally resistant even to weather extremes which is why this product is popular in Northern regions. The resistance is achieved thanks to the manufacture of metal cladding materials with 275 g./sq.m. of Zinc amount, high-quality priming, and surface painting.

Сost of metal roof panels

Below you can see the prices for our products:

Average price for metal tilesAverage price for standing seam Average price for snow guards
~$6 for square foot with installation.From $10 for square foot with installation.Depending on type of roof and type of snow guard the price varies from $15-25 per linear foot including installation.