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Metal Siding / Metal Cladding / Metal Facades

Metal façade is very important as it can be compared with the face and the character of the house. However, it is not only about aesthetics of standing seam facade. Metal siding also works as a physical border between external busy world and cozy private atmosphere of your home. Considering many factors (such as geographical location, weather, design and budget) you can opt for this or that metal cladding.

Standing seam metal facade
Standing seam metal facade

Metal siding

Roof Experts offers excellent siding installation services with focus on standing seam metal facades, corrugated metal siding, and any kind of metal cladding. We work with various materials: aluminum extruded and composite panels, steel, zinc or copper cladding panels, wood and log siding, corrugated panels and other façade metal cladding with numerous textures. Our professional experts have all the required expertise and experience to work with all kinds of siding materials.Company’s skilled siding installation professionals will guarantee perfect results regardless of size of residential and commercial buildings.

Metal panels siding
Metal panels siding

At Roof Experts, we are committed to maintaining industry-leading service standards. We are very confident that our siding installation specialists have what it takes to achieve ideal results for all your property enhancement needs and are happy to back up our results with lifetime warranties! All our professionals are fully licensed and certified and are given regular training to keep up with the latest industrial conventions.

Our multi-skilled specialists also offer a variety of other excellent services such as standing seam and metal tile roofing, custom eavestroughs, and soffit and fascia installation. Please check out our project page to view our great jobs and read reviews from our clients to help you to select us for your project.

Metal façade cladding
Metal façade cladding

Our services for residential and commercial metal cladding are presently available in the cities of Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Scarborough, Mississauga, Markham, Newmarket, Orillia, Barrie, and many other surrounding locations. We manufacture our own standing seam façade panels and work with local sheet metal cladding suppliers.

Price for metal siding ranges from $10 to $50 per square foot. Cost of metal cladding depends on façade difficulty of the project, type and material of metal cladding panels.  Contact us to get price for custom metal cladding systems, for regular metal siding, individual solutions for fascia, soffits and many other exterior needs. The metal cladding we install is not only beautiful but flexible, long-lasting and extremely durable.