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Metal Siding / Metal Cladding / Metal Facades

What is metal siding?

Essentially, metal siding is a building material for cladding walls as an alternative to wood, vinyl, bricks, etc. This environmentally friendly material is resistant to fluctuations in external temperatures, protects the walls of buildings from adverse environmental influences. It serves for a long time without losing its properties and that is why it has always been a popular option for homes and other buildings in Ontario, Canada.
This system is not only applied for residential houses, but also for public commercial facilities (cafes, restaurants, shops) and industrial areas.

Metal siding on façade
Metal siding on façade

Metal siding for houses

A lot of house owners choose metal siding for their property as the system is reliable and long lasting: on average it performs well for up to 50 years. The panels retain their original color for at least 10-15 years. The metal coating is resistant to temperature changes, deformations, impacts, fire and precipitation.

The metal siding installers use framing when cladding the walls of the house. That means that there is always a layer of furring onto which the siding is attached. At the end we get a ventilated facade with insulation. So, it is a good idea to discuss with the contractors what heat-insulating material to use at the stage of the facade design (thickness, and the method of insulation installation).

Most often, mineral wool is used for this, as well as polyurethane foam, sprayed onto the walls of the house in the form of foam. We will not dwell on insulation; we just note that the thermal insulation layer should be uniform, without gaps, seams and cracks. And it should not interfere with the installation of metal siding.

Metal siding for buildings

Interlocking metal cladding panels in residential building
Interlocking metal cladding panels in residential building

Metal siding is widely used for cladding facades of various buildings, such as industrial facilities, warehouse complexes, cargo terminals. Steel metal siding is found on public buildings – cafes, shopping malls, spacious stores. Metal siding is also applied for special constructions, where there are increased requirements for fire safety, corrosion resistance, resistance to aggressive environments, etc. (for example, gas stations, car service stations, car washes, spray booths, etc.).

Metal siding for barns

Barns are often cladded with metal siding system because the installation is easy, and the service features are excellent. With barns the system works similarly as with the house. The only difference is the layer of insulation which depends on the functions of the barn.

Metal siding on barn walls
Metal siding on barn walls

Metal siding for garage

The above said is equally true for garages and for sheds: this kind of buildings do not require solid insulation layer which makes the installation faster and easier. The system gives an attractive appearance to the property and at the same time protects the walls from t rain, snow, sun and other weather effects.

Metal siding sheets

There numerous options for sale of siding panels on the market: it is explained by the fact that there are various manufacturers and attempts to make siding more versatile and equally easy to use for different purposes.

The length of the sheet varies from greatly – up to 6 meters (20’). It is common sense that you will not use long-length sheet to clad a balcony, such pieces are meant for the facade of a country house. The width is more or less the same on average, depending on the final purpose of the property.

You can choose from lots of external options for the type of metal siding: there are about hundreds of variations of the primarily colors to compliment the facade of your home. Plus, manufacturers today can offer exceedingly high-quality imitations of textures: metal siding that looks like wood, brick, tile and so on. Also using metal roofing as siding is an entirely adequate practice.

The external performance is guaranteed to last for many years, not to mention excellent operating characteristics.

You can expect the average cost to install metal siding to vary from $4.00 and up to $20.00 per square foot. The final price depends on the type of material used as well as on geometry and complexity of the building.

There are number of suppliers but do think about Roof Experts. We do not only install metal systems but also supply metal panels of different types. Hence you can order your needs directly from us, Roof Experts.

The costs of maintaining metal siding in order are minimal, and all care is to wash away dirt and dust with a stream of water from a hose from a wall. The only word of caution here: we sometimes are asked – “can you paint metal siding?”. The answer is “NO”. Do not attempt to paint your metal panels or else you will ruin the original finish and mess up the whole view of the siding.

The width of metal siding depends on the type of façade panels. Standing seam steel wall panels are usually 2’ wide. Aluminum composite panels may be up to 5’ wide.

What is metal cladding?

Basically, metal façade or metal cladding denote one and the same term:  type of exterior outer covering (roof panels) made of metal and used over walls. A variety of panel styles, textures and metal sheets for available prices combined with metal durability and minimal maintenance have helped to promote this trend. Cladding system are used in a modern, traditional and even industrial style all over Toronto, Ontario and other areas like Alberta, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

Metal cladding for houses

There are two main options when it comes to sheet metal cladding jobs. The first option is when they do look like metal. Those who prefer a more natural look may opt for artificial wood.

As for the metal itself, the most common kinds are steel and aluminum. Each type has many minuses and pluses. Metal profiles made of steel are more expensive, but they serve much longer than aluminum. They are thicker and heavier, so it serves better when weather-resistance is needed. To maintain a natural color, make sure there is corrosion resistance layer is added.

Metal cladding panels

Let’s look into details. So, what are the main features of metal cladding panels in general? The main one is its resistance to rot, mold and similar water problems. Easy maintenance is another big advantage. If it is not damaged, the metal rarely needs repair work. The exception is scratches. They should be repaired immediately, especially on steel, to prevent future rusting.

House owners also like that the metal color does not fade. The initial color of the front metal panels that you buy is the color that you will have for life. Additional benefits include environmental friendliness of the metal, its fire resistance and insect resistance.

Flatlock cladding metal panels
Flatlock cladding metal panels

Metal cladding can just be sprinkled with water. For easy areas such as air dust, rain spots, and cobwebs, you can apply soft brush and wipe the cladding. This should eliminate most visible dirt. If you need to remove salt spray or droppings, it’s best to begin with dry broom or brush and only then proceed with water.

With proper maintenance metal siding can go minimum fifty years. The material is very durable to resist weather effects, bumps, dents, or other potential damages.

Metal facades for buildings

Interlocking cladding panels
Interlocking cladding panels

Metal panels’ application is practically unlimited. The metal profile can be used for the external decoration of building facades, roofing, fences, for the internal lining of walls of industrial buildings. The quality of the production guarantees this material a long service life and an attractive appearance.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of metal cladding materials in various textures and colors, which are designed for the installation of ventilated facades. That is why outlining a unique architecture of any building is not as difficult as it may seem. It is enough to show a little imagination or just contact a specialist. The advantage of the latter is that he will carry out the correct design of the entire structure and fully calculate the required amount of materials.

Metal facade panels

Aluminum composite panels on façade in Toronto
Aluminum composite panels on façade in Toronto

A wide selection of metal cladding materials (steel, aluminum, perforated metal facades etc) allows a client to choose from different price ranges. The main advantage, in favor of metal systems is the low weight of the structure. For some buildings with a weak foundation and load-bearing walls, this characteristic is the main. For example, artificial or natural stone requires a reinforced foundation and foundation of load-bearing walls. Wood or composite materials are much lighter, but still heavier than metal products.

The panels are highly resistant even to the harshest weather conditions. It is explained by the use of modern technologies in the manufacture of metal cladding materials as well as of high-quality priming and surface painting. In addition, the possibility of corrosion on such facades is virtually eliminated.

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