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Commercial metal roofing

Let’s consider the notion of commercial metal roofing. The most apparent difference between commercial and residential roofing projects is that the first one has a larger scope and difficulty. In this article we will discover why metal roof systems work good on commercial industrial properties.

The safety and long life of any industrial building is directly related to the quality of the roof device. The roofing materials applied for industrial buildings in our area must comply with all building codes of southern Ontario, as well as withstand internal and external loads. For the construction of an industrial facility, contractors use durable custom metal material which can ensure the strength and stability of the entire building for 50 years or longer.

Types of Commercial roofs

The roofs of industrial buildings can be with or without attic. Flat roofs usually do not have attics; it is installed with a slight slope for easy drainage. Roofs of the attic type are made in the form of a pitched structure with an inclined pitch from 4/12.

For the installations roofing experts use special coatings with interlayers or channels that allow air to move freely. When air passes through the inside layer, the moisture evaporates. Such high-quality material demonstrates efficiency in different levels of moisture and temperature conditions of a large building.

The pitched and flat metal roofs

The pitched type of roof is considered the most common not only in the industrial complex, but also in low-height construction.

The main advantages of the pitched metal roof of an industrial building are the following:

  • There are many metal options for its construction (steel roof, aluminum roof, etc);
  • It is very energy efficient with high-quality insulation and soundproofing provides no noise working conditions and retains heat indoors;
  • air gap performs the function of additional thermal insulation;
  • due to the rapid evaporation of moisture, the performance of the pitched roof is significantly enhanced which postpones for years any necessity of repair work;
  • provides constant and unhindered access to the entire structure;
  • thanks to the attic, the useful area is significantly increased.
Commercial metal roof
Commercial metal roof

Flat roofs are typically seen on large storage facilities, fuel and energy complexes, in medical or educational institutions. The functional advantages of this design include the ability to use all the free space of its surface. As a rule, generators, ventilation systems and air conditioning systems can be placed on the roof surface

Among the advantages of a flat roof we can mention:

  • a simple structure with few roofing materials;
  • it is safe to move on and to carry out repair works;
  • ease of installation, it is based on reinforced concrete slabs, on top of which a metal roofing pie is laid.
Flat roof

When choosing the type of roof of an industrial building, it is necessary to take into account the architectural features of the future structure, its geographical location and its direct purpose. The metal roofing service or roof replacement should be carried out by certified roof experts, as mistakes can lead to personal injuries and damage to the commercial metal roof of the industrial property.

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