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Metal tiles roofing system

Metal tiles

Metal roofing tiles system is one of the most popular and affordable roofing solutions in residential and commercial construction in Canada and you can find a lot of metal tiles for sale all over from different suppliers. Let’s discuss in detail this construction option.


Metal tile roof system
Metal tile roof system

As the name suggests, metal tiles represent interlocking steel sheets. At Roof Experts we are committed to adhering to three key components of exceptional quality:

  • The quality of the raw material: in roof steel for metal tiles we are looking for outstanding formability, and also ability to resist the scratches while preserving the aesthetic. That is why we apply premium 26-gauge (0.5 mm) roofing steel covered with hot-coated Zinc G90 (275 g/sq.m.). This amount of Zinc is a construction standard for outside metal materials which will ensure robust rust-resistance.
  • Second component is the quality of profile. There shouldn’t be any visible joints of roof sheets on a roof slope. To get the finest profile, we manufacture our materials on good equipment made by leader of roll forming equipment industry – company Samesor.
  • The third component is quality of installation. We have qualified installation crews with over ten years of roofing experience. Our installers have required insurances as well as certificates for metal roof installation including the latest Working at Heights Training.

Types of metal roofing systems

There are various types of metal systems for home and commercial structures depending on the metal suppliers, type of profile and type of coating. Let’s dwell on the main types of metal roofing systems.

Steel sheet roofing systems: metal tiles and straight rib panels

Straight Rib Panels
Straight Rib Panels
Metal Tile Profiles
Metal Tile Profiles

We are talking here about galvanized steel which most often works as the basis for metal tiles and straight rib panels. The zinc coating protects the metal from corrosion. On top of that there are several reinforcing layers, including polymer. In this case, steel with applied zinc or Aluzinc may be used. The second coating is more durable, but the cost of such metal tile is more expensive.

Both sheet metal roofing systems made the same metal and installed over spruce wood strapping. Both connected to the lumber by special screws. Straight rib panels profile has an appearance like standing seam, but functions as other metal tile profiles. Like metal roof that looks like Mediterranean style tile, you have to look at metal tile roof.

Designed for severe weather conditions and heavy snow loads in mind, these profiles were produced for consistent long-life building performance. Straight rib panels profile is a perfect roofing solution for agricultural constructions and industrial roof and wall applications. Metal tiles is more popular on residential houses.

Benefits of a metal roofing system

Today the metal tile is one of the most widespread roofing materials. This roof is most often made of galvanized steel with double-sided protective polymeric coating. Its price depends on the manufacturer and the type of polymer coating that was used in the production.

The popularity of metal roofing on the building materials market is easily explained by the whole set of advantages:

  • 1. The first parameter is cost effectiveness. Metal tile is a relatively inexpensive material. However, the profitability of metal is not only in the price of the material, but also in some of its unique properties. Such factor as the durability of metal, contributes to savings in operation and maintenance. The service life of this system is at least 50 years.
  • 2. The ease of installation of metal sheets or straight rib panels as compared to the standing seam. The roof can be finished in a short time, with low labor costs and with high laying performance.
  • 3. The low weight of the metal tile makes the use of this coating the only possible option for the buildings with weak foundation of the house. In addition, there is no need for reinforced rafters and additional materials for the covering.
  • 4. Another important advantage of metal roofing is aesthetics and wide design possibilities. The rich color scheme allows you to choose the right color.
  • 5. Also, there are many options for profiles (metal tile). The most common is Monterey – imitation under the tile, which provides an excellent appearance of the coating. In addition, it is possible to construct roofs of different configurations, giving the building a unique look and style.
  • 6. The roof of the metal is not subject to temperature changes, which allows installing it in any climate, regardless of the season.
  • 7. The smooth surface of the coating allows water to flow freely and let’s the snow descends easily, which is important for autumn and winter.
  • 8. UV resistance and temperature resistance provide excellent roofing characteristics in summer.
  • 9. Resistance to mechanical damage, as well as the ability to easily replace or tint sheet allows you to keep the rooftop in excellent condition for a long time.


There are several factors that affect the final price of metal roof. No wonder that the preliminary estimations vary from low budget up to very high: from $5 up to $10 per square foot installed.

Used onPrice rangeWarrantyLife spanWeather-resistanceFire resistance
homes, commercial and retail buildings$6-7 / sq.f. (material + labour cost)50 years70140-mph wind rating, leak-proof.100% non-combustible over the entire life of the roof
  • Quality of metal (amount of Zinc, thickness of steel)
  • Design
  • Coating (polyester, pural, powder coating etc.)
  • Underlayment (for new construction)
  • Labor cost (depends on difficulty of the roof)
  • Stripping and disposal, if needed.

What is the best metal roofing system?

The choice is basically between interlocking (metal tiles and straight rib panels) and overlapping (standing seam) panels of the rooftop. Both systems serve the same function: to protect your house against weather, cold and heat. They are almost equally good and require maintenance next to zero. You can read about the differences between these systems on our site. The difference boils down to the tightness of connection. Metal roof tiles are fastened with the use of special roofing screws, while standing seam panels are secured with each other without a single drill, by mere usage of clips.

Metal roof tile manufacturers

There is great difference between traditional shingles heavy roof and our new metal tile lightweight roof. Consider how steel roof is manufactured. In the video below you will get a very good idea how the steel roofing panels are made.

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