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Zinc standing seam metal roof and the cladding cost

If you are considering Zinc standing seam metal roof you are in the right place to read about it.  Zinc in its durability aspects is often compared to copper. Many property owners appreciate zinc basic qualities. For example, with proper installation, zinc coated roof completely eliminates a very significant part of operating costs on the maintenance of the roof. By its nature, zinc does not corrode and does not require painting. The warranty period for the most popular zinc sheets up to one hundred years.

Appearance of zinc roof

Zinc standing seam metal roof
Zinc standing seam metal roof

Painting of the material is an extreme option. Along with other qualities, the appearance of a basic zinc sheet is already pleasant for the eyes. After several years, the zinc roof undergoes patination process and acquires an exquisite gray-silver matte shade.

The most amazing detail about zinc is that the roof made out of this metal can heal itself, quite literally. It is explained by the fact that hydroxyl carbonate layer naturally replenishes itself.

Standing seam zinc cladding

Standing seam zinc cladding has a number of important issues that are associated primarily with its increased coefficient of thermal expansion.

Standing seam zinc façade
Standing seam zinc façade
  • When working with the roof, it is necessary to secure the fasteners with stretch or sliding clamps, which in combination with specific electric, hydraulic or mechanical equipment contribute to proper installation.
  • Also, during the installation of zinc roof, it is crucial to pay attention the galvanic environment.
  • It is also recommended to avoid contact with steel fasteners and trusses made of certain types of wood.
  • The last but not least note is that the cladding of zinc roof should be carried out at a temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius and above, because the metal sheet becomes more fragile as the temperature drops.
  • Needless to say that the work should be performed by highly qualified team of Roof Experts equipped with specific electric, hydraulic or mechanical tools.


Zinc standing seam profiles
Zinc standing seam profiles

The material costs for Zinc standing seam roofing fluctuate between CAD $5.00 and CAD $7.00 per sq. ft. All roofing jobs will also require specific fasteners, underlayment material, flashing, and other miscellaneous material. Labor costs average $8.00 to $10.00 per sq. ft. depending on your location and overall complexity of the roof. This gives us a total installation cost of $13.00 to $17.00 per sq. ft. of Zinc standing seam roof installed.

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