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Local metal roofing suppliers. Best metal roofing supply prices.

People renovating or building new houses or commercial buildings always look for various construction suppliers and wonder where to find the top offers of metal roofing supply for the best prices in Toronto, Ontario. This article will ease the job.

Local metal roofing suppliers

There are many Canadian companies to choose from. To narrow you search you should aim for the well-established manufactures. They should be able to offer a wide array of choices to satisfy your functional and aesthetics needs, and they should value long-term business relationship. As for the quality of the metal supplies: always look at the amount of zinc as it is a prime factor showing how rust-resistant the material is. Also check for the right painting finish: this will affect weather-resistance of the material, whether the colors will fade or not, will the material be prone to scratches and many other factors. We will dwell on this later in the article.

When ordering metal products from Roof Experts company you can be sure that you are buying durable, green solution for your project.

Sheet metal roofing supplies

Roof Experts offers steel roofing systems: sheet metal products as metal tiles and standing seam panels.

Best metal roofing manufacturer in Ontario

Everyone has different priorities when defining this or that manufacturer as the best. As a general outline we would recommend focusing not only in reviews, but also get to know the properties of the metal products that you are going to buy. There are basically three factors for this:

  • Zinc amount (for outside metal must have at least 275 g/sq.m. / G90)
  • Paint finishing: type of paint and thickness of paint in micrometers.
  • Quality of the profile: how the material was made (using which equipment). For example, for metal tiles you can visually judge the quality by the absence of joints between panels of the roof.
Metal tile roof from Roof Experts: no joints between panels.
Metal tile roof from Roof Experts: no joints between panels.

Now let’s look at some questions closer:

How much does a sheet of metal roofing cost?

Prices vary depending on such factors as:

  • amount of Zinc in steel. Roof Experts use industry standard for outside metal construction: hot zinc coated steel with 275 g/sq.m. or G90;
  • gauge (thickness);
  • type (polyester or polyurethane) and thickness of finishing paint.

The average price for roofing steel is $1.20-1.50 sq.f.

How much does it cost to put a metal roof on a 2000 sq.f. house?

Price for the roof is sum of labor and material costs.

  • Labor cost depends on difficulty of the roof, its level and type of the profile of metal roof.
  • Material cost hinges on the type of metal and type of profile. It can be expensive copper, zinc or more affordable aluminum or zinc coated steel. Profile can be regular metal tile, standing seam profile, corrugated metal sheets or any other roof profile.

The average price for most affordable metal tile roof is around $6/sq.f. installed (labor and material). Standing seam metal roof can start from $10/sq.f. and range up to $20/sq.f. on exclusive roofs (copper, mechanical lock).

Local metal roofing suppliers. Best metal roofing supply prices.

What type of metal roof is best?

It depends on your purpose and budget. If you need working affordable solution we advise choosing metal tile roof for $6/sq.f. But make sure that:

  • you hire experienced roofers
  • metal has 275 g/sq.m. or G90 Zinc amount
  • profile made on good equipment and has good quality (you do not see joints of the sheets on the roof).

These three factors can guarantee that you have best metal roof.

Roof Experts metal roof tiles manufacturing on high quality equipment (Samesor)

Do metal roofs rust?

No, if you use hot zinc coated roof with the right amount of Zinc: 275 g/sq.m. or G90. With this amount of zinc Roof Experts can provide the fifty-year warranty. Otherwise metal exposed to the outside can rust. So, keep in mind that zinc amount is very important issue.

High quality steel from Roof Experts

Most of our customers see Roof Experts as a discount roofing supplies. We provide seasonal sales of metal roofing materials for subcontractors. Please visit our website or call us at +1 647 997 7084.

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