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Copper standing seam metal roof cost

The article will tell you about copper standing seam roof cost. Nobody will argue with the fact that copper is notable for its beauty, reliability and durability.  But seldom do people actually decide to purchase a copper roofing system – it turns out to be high-priced. However, the long-lasting result will please not only the owner, but many generations ahead of him or her.

This is that very case when the properties of the metal together with the mechanism of standing seam system work hand in hand for the best result. Standing seam copper roof – is one of the most progressive types of metal roofing, as along with aesthetics it provides complete sealing of the roof: leakage, rust, deterioration have no chance to affect your roof.

Copper Standing Seam Metal Roof
Copper Standing Seam Metal Roof


  • Copper roof has amazing aesthetic characteristics. After installing it, be prepared for the fact that it will change its color more than once. At first it will be golden. It will take several years, and the copper roof will acquire an incredibly beautiful chocolate shade, and after another 10-15 years, under the influence of the environment, it will be covered with patina with its inherent greenish tint.
  • Today the standing seam is very popular. Its use allows you to be fully insured against leaks, as there are no exposed fasteners.
  • Such roofing system can even be used for roofs with a small slope of 3°…12 °. At the same time, unlike other types of roofing materials, it demonstrates complete tightness and a long operational period.
  • Standing seam roof can have a different thickness and be used for buildings of various purposes.
  • Unlike other roofing materials, copper is absolutely waste-free, all cut off pieces can be put into action and work as supplementary elements of the roof.
  • Copper will survive not only any bad weather, but also any whim of the owner or of his ambitious architect - turrets, spiers, domes of any geometric shape.


Copper Standing Seam panels
Copper Standing Seam panels

Standing seam copper roof panels attached together represent continuous covering over the entire length of the roof slope. The system of panels allows avoiding longitudinal joints and overlaps and considerably saves the material.

Panel widths tend to vary by manufacturer, but most copper panels are between 12” and 18” in width, with about 16” as the most popular option. Panel can have any reasonable length, which eliminates the chance of having several panels along the slope.  Our team of Roof Experts have standing seam copper roofing tools to make sure the installation is done properly.

Standing seam copper roof cost
Standing seam copper roof cost

Costs can fluctuate depending on these or that needs of the client, but it roughly starts from $20/sq.f. Now that you have learnt everything about copper standing seam you can decide whether you want it for your roof. As a final note, it is needless to say, the installation should be carried out by professionals, such as the masters of the company Roof Experts.

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