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Metal Roofing in Aurora

Metal roofing in Aurora

If you are looking for for metal roofing in Aurora, Ontario, you are in the right place. Roof Experts are one of the best contractors in the area. Many times they have been reported as reliable crew and the installation they perform meets the customer’s requirements and demonstrates durability and excellent weather-resistance while coming with warranty of up to 50 years.

How Roof Experts contractors work in Aurora?

The client-company cooperation usually starts with the quote that the Roof Experts provide promptly and with the utmost precision. Then on the arranged day the specialist comes to the house for a thorough initial inspection. Whether it is facades, metal roof or snow guards, the company tries to pre-order supplies and custom-tailored systems so that the type of metal, the color and the overall look matches the property design. Depending on the project size, the installation can take from 1 to 2 weeks to be carried out. You get a warranty after the project is over. It goes without saying that our roofers keep the job site clean and organized in the process of work and afterwards.

Metal tiles roofing system

A metal tile is a roofing material in the form of a metal profile made of steel, aluminum or copper, coated with a protective polymer layer and stylized as natural tile masonry. The geometry of the profile prevents bending of sheets or the formation of breaks. But the main feature which makes this system so popular is its visual similarity to natural tiles. For ages this material has been known for its beauty and durability.

standing seam metal roof

Standing seam is one of the most distinguished systems among the variety of other modern solutions. The popularity of this technology can be explained by its modern look, durability, universal use, simplicity of installation. The most often used materials are such metals as hot zing coated steel, copper, aluminum. The cost and durability of the roof depends on the type of metal. The life of roofing is notably extended by applying protective layer of anticorrosive polymer.

metal roof snow guards

These are the devices meant to keep snow on the roof, rather than letting it avalanche on the landscape or pedestrians. We work with different kinds of metals and colors of snow stoppers to match your rooftop.

flat roof

Flat roofs are roofs with a minimal slope, which does not exceed 3-4 degrees. It is not 100% flat so that so that water from the roof can flow by gravity. This type of roof is popular in multi-story residential construction, in agricultural companies, in industrial and warehouse buildings, public facilities. Flat roofs can be operated (terraced roofs) and non-operated.

metal siding

Metal siding is essentially an arrangement of profiled steel panels with a polymer coating. Steel siding is used for cladding building facades. We tailor numerous options for sale.

Best metal roof cost

Granted, this is a considerably wide pricing variety, but you can expect the ultimate overall price to fluctuate between $6 and up to $20 per square foot. To get a more precise estimation for you metal roof or other project please, fill in the online form or reach us at +1 647 997 70 84.

Online form for free quote on your project

Regardless which system you have in mind (copper, aluminium, steel roof, snowguards or façade) fill in the details of your project, comment and type in your contact details and we will get back to you as quickly as possible with the updated cost.


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