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Seamless metal roof

You might have come across the term “seamless metal roof”. Some people even go as far as contrasting seamless metal roof vs standing seam. Today we will discover what stands behind these systems.

You will be surprised but there is no comparing going on here. Both terms mean one and the same thing – type of joints used in securing metal sheets during rooftop installation. The most remarkable thing about it is that the interlocked joints are invisible. That is why there is the word “seamless” in the name of the seam. Secondly, it is called “standing” because the metal panels run up vertically.

Another interesting thing about seamless roof system is that such roofs do not necessarily require gutters, because system is resistant to leakage and dentures.

Seamless metal roof: classical or mechanical standing seam profile
Seamless metal roof: classical or mechanical standing seam profile


The seams are fixed (rolled up) either manually with a special tool, or mechanically – with special electromechanical rolling machines. The system comes in different colors and metal types.

Standing Seam metal roof installation
Standing Seam metal roof installation


Price for standing seam metal roof depends on difficulty of the roof, type of the profile and metal. If you are want to get a free quote for your standing seam project or any other type of metal roof cost, please fill in our online form.

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