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Aluminum metal roofing

Today we will discuss aluminum metal roofing. Aluminum roofing has always been one of the top roofing products on the construction market. Flexibility and lightness – these are the qualities of this metal roofing material that roofing contractors value while working with the roof the facade. On top of that, with aluminum roofing there is no need to use special machines or tools, and this adds to significant savings in time and money.

Aluminum metal roof
Aluminum metal roof


  • Light weight. The lightness (the weight of a roofing aluminum sheet is three times less than that of galvanized steel) of this material facilitates and simplifies the roof installation. This also significantly affects the price.
  • Large scope of application. The elasticity of aluminum allows for covering structures and elements of any difficulty.
  • High quality. Metals are often known to be prone to corrosion, while aluminum is physically not able to rust. Its corrosion resistance is 25 times greater than that of steel.
  • Environmental Safety. Such roof panels are an environmentally friendly product and do not emit substances that are hazardous to human health during operation.
  • Fire resistance. Aluminum does not ignite from direct fire or sparks from a chimney, but also from a lightning strike, since the coating from it successfully dissipates an electric charge.


  • Thermal expansion. The aluminum coating has a high degree of thermal expansion. This material must not be attached directly to the lumber. Rigid fixation leads to deformation of the material.
  • Thermal Conductivity Index. The aluminum roof heats up quickly and cools when the temperature drops. To reduce this negative aspect, it is recommended to consider additional layer of thermal insulation. So that is another budget line for energy efficiency, mainly- heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduced sound insulation. The thickness of the aluminum coating is 3mm. The profile vibrates during rain, snow and wind and creates a loud noise.
  • Dents are easily formed on the roof surface. When working with aluminum, you need to consider all the possible problems that come from its flexibility.
  • Peeling off paint. If the aluminum coating does not initially have color, do not try to paint it, because after some time, cracks will appear on the painted surface and the paint will begin to peel off.
Aluminum standing seam metal roof
Aluminum standing seam metal roof

Because of all the factors mentioned above the life span of aluminum rooftop is less than that of steel roofing and requires more maintenance.

So, to sum up, this type of metal roofing is a popular solution among other systems for home improvements. The installation is quick and easy on the budget, but the maintenance or repair can be costly. If you want to discuss this option or other metal roofing systems give us a call at +16479977084 or fill in the form online to know the metal roof cost for your project.

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