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Stainless steel snow guards

This article will introduce you to stainless steel snow guards. This is the most seldom option metal roof snow guards. True, stainless steel stoppers are extremely durable, they have attractive appearance, high features of corrosion, heat and cold resistance.

Indeed, if you take a closer look at this option, you will discover that stainless steel snow holders are for quite big-budget projects. One linear foot of tubular snow guard can amount to over $25-35. Or else there are customized solutions to match the property design. Most popular stainless-steel solution is small snow catcher on the picture below. To retain snow on the metal roof there are should be plenty of these ones in several rows.

Stainless SG 6
Stainless SG 6

For those seeking the same features for less there are solid analogues. Let’s explore what makes stainless steel resistant to corrosion. Its inherent chemical compound makes up contains a minimum of around 10.5% of Chromium chemical which helps to form a self-healing protective clear oxide film. This means the corrosion has no chance to develop despite extreme temperatures, damage or cut.  This explains the robust features of the stainless-steel snow guards.

Now with the analogues you will have the same result with different investments. For example, hot zinc coated metal performs equally good thanks to the coating, which provides superior corrosion protection.


  • Longlasting solution:

This type of snow retention system is exceptionally durable and can work as long as the metal roof underneath, i.e. from fifty years and over.

  • Easy installation

Tubular stainless-steel snow catchers can be installed easily and fast on most types of the roofs. Usually they are found on expensive kind of roofs such as slate roof.

  • Efficient

The system is very efficient as tubular arrangement of the holders can withstand the heaviest loads and does not let the snow or ice come down in chunks or avalanches.


This kind of snow stoppers is considerably high-priced. It is explained by the cost of the metal itself: it is produced in several complicated stages of processing. As a result, it comes out very robust and durable.

Stainless steel snow guards
Stainless steel snow guards

To sum up, we would say that stainless steel retainers are the best option for rare extravagant projects, while hot zinc coated metal tubular snow guards find their way on any roof.

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