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Aluminum snow guards

This article will explain everything you need to know about one of the types of metal roof snowguards – aluminum snow guards. They are not the most popular, but still frequent and reliable option among other metal roof snow guards.


Property owners might want to choose aluminum snow holders because they are somewhat smallish, suit any kind of roof and most importantly they are corrosion – resistant. Corrosion threat is a big issue for all metal materials. They can be fastened mechanically by clips on standing seam profiles without drilling roof surfaces. Once you install them, you can rest your mind at peace: they will not break or discolor.

Aluminum snowguards
Aluminum snowguards


As a drawback we should mention that aluminum snow retainers are considerably more expansive than their other metal counterparts. However that’s not all. Wonderful if you bought the aluminum stopper and its original color looks good on your roof. Otherwise you would have to pay more for the colored retainer to match your property. Also, they can withstand definite snow load but because aluminum is a relatively soft material it does not hold avalanches as much as other metal snow guards.

Aluminum snowguards on Standing seam roof
Aluminum snowguards on Standing seam roof

Sum up

Our recommendation would be to consider such kinds of snow guards in case there are no extreme snowfalls in your area and if your metal roof made of aluminum profiles or tiles.

Our offer

Roof Experts offer aluminum and hot zinc coated steel snowguards which can be installed according to calculation for particular roof (length and pitch of slope) in certain climate.

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