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Copper snow guards

In this article we will discuss copper snow guards which are usually an option for copper standing seam roofs. The reason copper roof requires exactly this kind of metal snow guards is because other kinds of metal react with copper and triggers deep corrosion.

Function-wise copper retainers share common features with the regular ones. Copper snow devices guarantee the retention of snow.

Copper snow guards
Copper snow guards

The price is a little too steep if you compare it to the regular steel snow retainers. However it is aesthetically and practically worth installing on a copper roof.

Copper snow holders have simple yet efficient structure: there are two types of fasteners, anti-corrosion bolt-nut and a tube. Copper snow holders are made with one or two tubes; there is also a brass clip with a self-explanatory name ice-breaker. Depending on the slope you might want to consider single or double tubular retainer. It is recommended to install the snow guards along the perimeter of the roof, as well in front of skylights and ventilation risers.


  • Incredibly heavy-duty

Indeed copper holders proved to be unbeatably robust against force of nature.

  • Look elegant and classy

Being durable copper catchers also boasts beautiful appearance on copper roofs.


  • Limited application

With that said we come to the disadvantages of copper system. Such snow guards fit the copper roof only.

  • Very expensive.
copper snow guards
Copper snow guards Toronto

Now let’s talk about how these guards are fixed. Copper snow guards have special brackets with which they are secured to standing seams. The number of fasteners depends on the number of standing seams and is calculated individually. This brings us to the best thing about all kinds of our tubular snow guards: their installation does not require drilling any holes.

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