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Trapezoidal standing seam metal roof

Let’s talk about trapezoidal standing seam metal roof. This is a rare option that clients seldom ask for. Still we have encountered inquiries about this system and further on we will explain the basic notions about it.

Trapezoidal Standing Seam profile
Trapezoidal Standing Seam profile

Standing Seam overview

Standing seam metal roof has always caught on among property owners. Such roof system not only safely protects the building from precipitation and other external factors, but also ensures aesthetic and fundamental appearance. The way the panels are attached guaranteed durability and provides an airtight connection for many decades.

Trapezoidal Standing Seam panel
Trapezoidal Standing Seam panel

The uniformed mechanism of the system

Standing seam roof can be made from either metal, or coil metal. The most peculiar thing about it is a special lock at the edges of the sheets: a kind of folding element with the help of which the panels are securely attached to one another. To be more specific, the edges of one sheet are bent in a special way and as such they go over the curved edge of another sheet. Certified roofers use special equipment to safely seal the joint and thus guarantee an air-tight connection.

How trapezoidal standing seam metal roof differ?

The trapezoidal panel is basically an automatically seamed roofing panel intended for commercial, residential, industrial and large-scale use. The panels are fixed immediately to the strapping or plywood. The trapezoidal standing seam has additional 4-5 mm high ribs, which increase the stiffness of the sheet.

Trapezoidal standing seam system is a more economical option compared to a flat roofing system, because it has a higher load capacity, and the installation does not use the plywood layer in horizontal beams.

Overall, the trapezoidal system is used instead of parallel panels on specific rooftops structures.

Trapezoidal Standing Seam roof
Trapezoidal Standing Seam roof

Major advantages of the trapezoidal seam panels:

  • Because this system is installed without screws, as a homeowner you will never face a leakage problem. Moreover, the maintenance of standing seam is almost zero compared to, for example, shingled roof.
  • The use of perforated bottom edges of the trapezium will add soundproof properties to the structure.
  • Trapezoidal system does not need a plywood layer and can be installed directly on existing horizontal beams.
Installation of Trapezoidal Standing Seam system on roof trusses
Installation of Trapezoidal Standing Seam system on roof trusses

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