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On the construction market, copper is considered one of the best materials for roofing. The traditions of its use go back in time. Today, copper roofs can be seen on both, historical and new buildings. The popularity of this material is explained by its durability, environmental safety, beautiful appearance, ease of installation.

Copper standing seam roof and walls
Copper standing seam roof and walls

Peculiarities of the copper roof

  • Copper is a very ductile and resistant material. Its service life can reach up to 100-200 years. Such a long period a result of the unique properties of copper: as the time goes the oxidation contributes to the formation of protective layer the metal surface. It is called patina. Patina protects the material from almost any negative environmental influences. For the same reason, copper is one of the most expensive materials.
  • A remarkable thing about o copper roof is its high level of weather tightness and resistance to fluctuations in the temperature and to aggressive substances.
  • Another important feature is its excellent thermal conductivity, which ensures heating of the roof in winter and the prevention of ice formation.
  • Such unique property as ductility of the roof significantly facilitates the installation. Using sheet copper, one can fulfill the most extraordinary design ideas.
  • Throughout the life of the roof, the copper roof will not need to be painted, repaired or even cleaned.
Copper patina roof: bay window standing seam
Copper patina roof: bay window standing seam

Types of copper roofing

There are three options of copper covering:

  • Standing seam;
  • Tile roofing;
  • Checkered roofing.
Copper bay window standing seam roof
Copper bay window standing seam roof

The most common type is the standing seam, which guaranteed water-tightness. Rolled copper sheets are connected by means of clips. There are no drilled holes for the screws, so water has no way to penetrate the interior surface.

The copper roof can be also installed in the form of tiles. This is aesthetically neat solution for solid private houses and small commercial buildings.

Copper checkers are plates in the shape of diamonds, trapezoids or squares made of copper There are locks at the top and bottom of the plates. These locks ensure the weather- and water-resistance of the rooftop.

Copper metal facade
Copper metal facade

Advantages and disadvantages of a copper roof


The main disadvantage of a copper roof is its high cost. Any covering requires the installation of additional elements, vents, and gutter system. With the copper roof, they must be made of the same non-ferrous metal, which again increases the cost of the roof. On top of that copper roof requires additional layers of noise and heat insulation materials.


However, these shortcomings are fully balanced by the quality and reliability of the covering. This is the system to last for centuries. The copper roof practically does not require repair, and its aesthetic qualities only increase over time. Also, among the advantages of a copper roof we can enlist the following:

  • lifespan - up to 200 years;
  • high corrosion resistance due to patination;
  • lightness and flexibility;
  • thermal stability;
  • covering can handle temperature of -70 degrees and up to +150;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • safety for the environment and human health;
  • universal application due to the lack of need to strengthen the rafter system.

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